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The ABC’s of Marital Gratitude

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It’s Thanksgiving Week and most of us have so much to be thankful for. One of my favorite movies is “Why Did I Get Married?” and I especially like the scene when the couples sit around the fire and share their stories of gratitude for their mates.

So, before the hustle and bustle of the holiday weekend starts, I challenge you to take a few quiet moments to write down at least 10 things about your spouse that you are grateful for and then pull your sweetheart to the side and share them. I’ve recorded mine alphabetically to inspire you!

In our marriage, I’m thankful for…

A – Agreement and the power that comes with it. Agreement opens the door for God’s promises, provision, and power in our marriage.

B – Back-to-back coverage especially in challenging times which ensures we cover one another’s weak side.

C - Children we created together. We now have the privilege of watching what were once seeds grow into manhood under our guidance.

D – Differences that help us see one another’s perspective which leads to growth and maturity.

E – Evenings in the hot tub where we can talk and relax after a hard day’s work.

F – Family relationships that have supported and helped us over the years.

G – Good friendships with other couples we both cherish and appreciate.

H – Happy memories we've shared together for over three decades.

I – Integrity in your life which means I never worry when you aren’t in my presence.

J – Journeying through life together. Through every phase of the journey we move closer to our individual and shared destinies.

K – Kind words you often speak, even when I don’t deserve them.

L – Laughing and learning together because it’s caused us to grow individually and as a couple.

M – Ministry together for over 30 years.

N – Not having to be independent because together we can accomplish so much more.

O – Open communication that keeps us honest and transparent with one another.

P – Praying together, especially when we need answers that neither of us have.

Q – Quiet times to enjoy the warmth from your body, inspirational conversations, and dreaming about our future.

R – Resting in your arms because that’s a place of safety for me.

S – Sexy moves you make when you want to get me in the mood!

T – Times yearly when we can steal away and focus solely on one another.

U – Understanding between us that no matter what situations, circumstances, or challenges come, we are committed covenant partners until death does part us.

V – Varied individual gifts and talents that allow us as a team to be much more effective in ministry, parenting, business, and realizing our dreams, mission, and vision.

W – Working together toward our goals and dreams.

X – Xtra strong arms to hold me when I need your love, comfort, and support.

Y – Your willingness to sacrifice your comfort for my wants and needs.

Z – Zero tolerance for going to sleep angry.

Reflecting on the things I’m most thankful for about our marriage makes me appreciate the choice I made 30+ years ago to say “I do” to Roosevelt Quick and I'm positive I would do it all over again!

Enjoy your spouse and family this Thanksgiving and remember your attitude of gratitude has the power to change the atmosphere!


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6 comentarios

Tjuana Evans
Tjuana Evans
29 nov 2022

Sweet Thanksgiving article and very creative use of the alphabet.

Me gusta
Roosevelt  Quick
Roosevelt Quick
30 nov 2022
Contestando a

Thank you Tjuana. We hope that you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Blessings.

Me gusta

Peter Jack
Peter Jack
25 nov 2022

To me Marriage is like building a house, when you decide to build, you look for a skilled architect to draw your plan, you guys are God's architect for building a successful marriage, I am grateful to know you, thanks PJ

Me gusta
Roosevelt  Quick
Roosevelt Quick
26 nov 2022
Contestando a

Peter, the feeling is mutual my friend. We appreciate the depth of wisdom that you share. Renita and I also appreciate you and your wife for being such wonderful examples of what it means to be a couple that has such a God-honoring marriage.

Me gusta

So creative! and so inspiring! Thx for this post.

I just thought of something: every one of your posts (wait for it!) is a "QUICK READ!"

(Sorry about that.) Happy Thanksgiving to our marriage enrichment friends! Blessings.

Me gusta
Roosevelt  Quick
Roosevelt Quick
24 nov 2022
Contestando a

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Me gusta
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