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Meet Roosevelt & Renita

Thirty-plus years of marriage allows a couple to grow both individually and together as a team. While Roosevelt came from a family of long-lasting marriages, Renita’s family history was one of separation and divorce. Like most young couples, Roosevelt and Renita experienced challenges with unmet expectations, communicating ineffectively, financial issues, and personality differences which all lead to times of conflict, disagreement, and misunderstanding.


Because they had decided that divorce wasn’t an option, they chose to invest in their relationship by attending marriage conferences and retreats which taught them how to celebrate and appreciate their differences and communicate for understanding and positive resolutions. They learned that if they could remain teachable, flexible, and persistent, then they could experience oneness and fulfillment. From that revelation grew a passion to share with other married and pre-married couples so that they too could enjoy an enduring love for a lifetime. 

Community Outreach


In 2015, Renita designed a Summer Reading Program as an outreach for children in low-income communities. Under the Quick's leadership, a trained team of volunteers served the children weekly during the 10 weeks of summer break. The program, which lasted for five years, was a collaborative effort with the local library and the Read On!


Dayton Region, an early learning initiative in Montgomery County, OH. The initiative promoted book drives to collect new books for low-income PreK–3rd-grade children to read over the summer. This collaboration focused on the summer learning loss which accounts for approximately two-thirds of the reading achievement gap between high-income and low-income students.  


From 2010 - 2020, Roosevelt served as a member of the Chaplin Support Team at the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center. Drawing from his experience as a Youth and Children's Pastor, he shared a message of hope and transformation with young men seeking to make positive life changes.


As a Natural Helper volunteer with the Juvenile Court Reclaiming Futures program, Roosevelt helped to create positive futures for court-involved youth and families through one-on-one mentoring. In 2018, he received the Outstanding Mentor Award. 


Education and Training

As certified instructors for The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), Love Thinks, and Nurturing Parenting, Roosevelt and Renita have led numerous relationship education classes, conference workshops, virtual masterclasses, and small group studies, including: 


  • Before You Say ‘I Do’ Marriage Preparation  

  • Marriage God’s Way: Building Marriage on a Biblical Foundation

  • The Five Love Languages for adults and children

  • Improving Relationships by Understanding Personality Profiles

  • Solomon's Secret Sauce

  • The Power of Agreement

  • Financial Stewardship God’s Way

Roosevelt and Renita are graduates of Purdue University where they earned Bachelor of Science Degrees in Management. Roosevelt received his MBA from Wright State University and is a certified Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute.


The Quick’s attended the Gospel Lighthouse School of Ministry, Columbus, OH, and the Dayton Supernatural School of Ministry, Vandalia, OH. They are both Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coaches (ACLC) and are members of the American Association of Christian Coaches (AACC).


Roosevelt and Renita serve as leaders on the Marriage Ministry Team at their local church in Atlanta, GA.


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