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God is doing a "new thing" with Enduring Love Ministries!

Greetings! This is Roosevelt and Renita Quick with Enduring Love Ministries. After a wonderful day of work, we're now ready to relax, but before we do, we wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news of something NEW God has inspired us to launch!

Reminiscing about the past

We were reminiscing about how Enduring Love Ministries began back in 2016. It started after spending nine years serving at a non-profit organization in Dayton, Ohio, where we worked with thousands of couples and families, teaching them how to develop and maintain healthy relationships and fulfilling marriages. Our primary focus was to share skills for effective communication, positive conflict resolution, and understanding personality differences.

What does it take to build a strong marriage?

One of the things we discovered toward the end of our assignment was that although marriage and relationship skills are extremely valuable and necessary, it takes a true transformation of the heart to live out God's biblical intent for covenant marriage.

From this realization came the inspiration for Enduring Love Ministries where we continue to teach and minister practical marriage and relationship skills built on foundational biblical principles.

And that's what we've been doing for the past six years as Certified Christian Marriage and Relationship coaches.

New Beginnings and New Assignments!

For us, 2022 has been a year of new beginnings. On March 4th we released our new book, The Power of Agreement: Biblical Principles for Maximizing Marital Fulfillment. The book launch led to a new support and advisory community as well as an extension of our on-line community.

And now we're excited to announce our new weekly blog starting, July 18th! Each blog post will provide motivation, inspiration, and biblical principles that you can apply to your marriage and relationships. In addition, we will sometimes have a word of encouragement specifically for men, women, parents, singles or life in general. The focus will be grounded in how to establish and apply biblical principles for abundant living and advice for couples to create and maintain a love that endures.

The best is yet to come!

Stay connected because post-pandemic we are back in person with our workshops, seminars and retreats. In fact, we are planning our first Enduring Love Ministries "Oneness Experience Weekend" for Valentine's Weekend 2023, possibly in Gatlinburg, TN. So, mark your calendar and plan to join us. Details will be coming soon!

Watch this quick video for more details about what’s to come and how you can get involved and stay connected! (Watch the full video below)

Blessings and Abundance!

Roosevelt & Renita

Ps. If you haven't already, please connect with us on Facebook and visit our website for books, retreats, and more!

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